ICT on Heels is a networking and empowerment platform created for women in ICT. It is a platform that will empower new entrants in ICT through engagement with their peers, women in senior management, executive level positions or thriving entrepreneurs. The close-knit network that this platform make it possible for young women to get guidance and stay motivated despite the daily challenges that face women in a male-dominated industry.

Experts say that technology can be a lonely and sometimes intimidating field for women. Statistics such as those released by IITPSA state that 56% of global ICT professional jobs are held by women, but in South Africa, where women comprise 55% of the country’s entire workforce, only 20% of the ICT workforce are women.” More women are now enrolling for ICT related courses at university level.

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Our main objective is to provide a support and guidance to women who have recently qualified or entered the field and women who want to grow into other areas within ICT. We do this through offering them a support system of mentors in the industry, who are there to support and help these young women navigate their careers.

While more women are now taking up courses in ICT, young scholars in the deep rural and some townships of South Africa are still not entirely informed about the possible career options in ICT. Our secondary objective is to ensure that such young scholars are exposed to technology and education regarding the possible career options. We do this through building ICT labs and hosting career days.

We also expose women to career options that are regarded as scarce careers within the discipline of ICT and help them remap their career paths through exposing them to technologies such as development, cyber security, business intelligence and many more.